Urban Turks Country Jerks

Released April 2014 on Moon Sounds Records
Noted: Drowned In Sound, Sunrise Ocean Bender, Emerging Indie Bands, Sloucher, Vanyaland, Clicky Clicky, Slug

Lost radio transmissions from 1995 beamed into a 21st century man, his belt buckle the receiver. Waves shot up his gut to his teeth. It was ecstasy and pain from an invisible force wandering through space, probing lovers, loners and pets. They chose him. Twisted fingers fumbled guitars. Broken sounds, lost words, tripping through the gray of ivy league geniuses and homeless addicts. The urban turks. The country jerks. Numb and number like skin rubber.

It began in an Alabama cabin with an acoustic guitar. Simple songs wrapped in a lazy haze of humidity. Then back to Cambridge, rushed on a train, crushed amongst strangers. City and country blending into a single existential somewhere.

Originally conceived as a double album, the songs eventually became one. And while the glimmer and sheen of dream pop waned, the new songs swelled with shots of folk and country, reality and rage. Clarity came in the midst of noise, smiling melodies danced over crushed guitars, old memories mixed with sudden circumstances, mysterious illnesses came with new highs, cicadas sang harmony with the grating squall of subway tunnels.

Written in Alabama & Massachusetts
July 2012 - October 2013

EXCEPT drums on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11
RECORDED at Q Division
Performed by Steve Scully
Engineered by Sean Cahalin
Produced by Jon Lupfer
Additional vocal mixes by Jon Lupfer
Album mastered by Jason Martin

Voice on track 6: Eugene A. Cernan
Apollo 17 lunar landing 12.11.1972

Design & Photography by Pretty Garage
Songs © 2014 R.M.Hendrix/BMI
Recording © & ℗ 2014 R.M.Hendrix